Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How to Invest $1000 Dollars - Doubling Money

To double $1000 dollars to make it into $2000 all you need is one thing and that is a good eye. Doubling your money is no mean feat and doubling it in a month or so could be seen as alchemy. But it is not. In this article we break down the goal of doubling $1000 dollars and identify risk management measures to boot.
There are roughly 4 weeks in a month so our first step is to break down our 100% goal into smaller weekly 20% goals. That almost immediately seems to be helpful. Adding 20% and compounding it at each week, you would have nearly 100% at the end of the month.
This is a hands on technique and far from the 7% returns you get from the stock market and other traditional investment vehicles. The goal of this doubling technique is to become expert in a particular field in terms of local market prices.
You have to realize that in your local area, wherever you live, if there are people around, there are needs. These needs translate into consumer purchases and not all people want to or are willing to buy new. There is a strong secondary market for any item you can imagine and buying something below intrinsic value it is possible to resell the same item immediately for a profit in this secondary market.
You could for example look at small cheap 4 cylinder cars and establish a particular model that is popular. Buy it for $1000 dollars knowing it is worth $1200 or more and sell it for a profit. Of course, the one big advantage to this kind of i9nvesting is that you receive in return for your money a tangible item that can be cleaned and improved without too much expense to not only increase the actual value, but ultimately protect your investment making it more desirable to the market meaning you will have no problem getting your money back on the item.
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by Terry Hart

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